Painting your pet’s wardrobe

Wardrobe fetish isn’t a human trait anymore; rather it has become contagious. For extreme weather conditions, you can give your pet its best style statement.
Miniature schnauzer in a sweater

It is quite an interesting observation that humans aren’t the only living things who have sartorial reservations and swings. As the order of the day passes on, dogs too can find their boutique bugaboo in vast lengths. Just as there are shifting dressing patterns among people from different regions, the same norm can be applied to the different breeds of dogs too.

Tiny dogs like Chihuahuas, Teacup Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers and Miniature Dachshunds are mostly domesticated as toy dogs and are very popular across the world. The concern is to feed, breed and dress them up in accordance with the existing fads and preferences.

Looks that count

It is obvious that your adorable pet becomes a part of the family in all aspects. In order to make them fit into the bus, a homemade punch of clothing becomes very important. It becomes a pretty sight to watch a puppy in a dress or a cat in a shawl. Pet clothing is best suited with crochet patterns. They are knitted to give your dog warmth and comfort during winter, not mention, the flamboyance it carries. A rainbow dog sweater seems to be the missing ingredient if you want your little pet to look funky and cool. Sometimes crocheting becomes a headache for those who are not acquainted with the craft. They can resort to DIY mode of pet clothing by making pet-dresses at home with some yearn and recycled materials.

Size does matter

This process is attuned to all seasons and offers a wide range of crafting ideas. Sites like Garden Web provide scintillating stuff which can give you the correct direction to dress your dog. Major pattern companies have patterns for pets and give real help in case you have toy dogs like Chihuahuas. Two patterns of Wal-Mart, t-shirts and sweaters can be a perfect pitch for one who wears a size 3-6 months. You can thread elastic through the bottom hem, sometimes just the front, passing under the belly. This will keep the ventilation intact.

A stitch in time

For a cute Onesie, you can try a pink turtleneck with long sleeves. If you would like to get overboard, try a Jordahse Jeans Jacket. Dogs which are fine boned with deep chest need a more cautious approach. If you are seeking nice fleece coats that are four-legged outfits, you ought to try Simplicity’s Woofy Wear by Wendy patterns. A few of them are # 3939 for basic coats and jams, and #2839 for costumes. They offer easy model for stitching, crocheting and sewing. You can have modifications suited to your pet’s outlook and can apply a more streamlined technique to the cutting and sewing in order to end up with a more customized fit and better finish.

Seasonal fashion

Wardrobe fetish isn’t a human trait anymore; rather it has become contagious. For extreme weather conditions, you can give your pet its best style statement. A resizable dog coat pattern, Doggy sweater and Fleece Dog sweater are in vogue. The second one has a designed knit which goes around the rear of your dog to place it properly around the corner. Coupled with trendy winter dog boots which are sewn and look more like socks, your cutie pie will surely be the cynosure.